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Mongolia Premier Unveils 100-Day Push to Revive Economy Tuesday, May 06 @ 10:23:47 UTC
/pic/images/2014/05/06/edz.jpg Mongolia’s Prime Minister unveiled a stimulus bill, dubbed a “100-day action plan,” that will seek to revive the mineral rich nation’s flagging

Oyu Tolgoi Dispute Weighs on Mongolia Tugrik as Capital Dries Up Monday, April 28 @ 12:46:45 UTC
/pic/images/2014/04/28/oyu.jpg Negotiations between the Mongolian government and Rio Tinto Group over financing for the Oyu Tolgoi copper mine have dried up foreign

Foreign Executives Trapped in Mongolia Friday, April 25 @ 14:28:26 UTC
/pic/images/2014/04/25/mgl.jpg Mongolia is known for its desert vastness and its ample mineral wealth. But 50 or so foreigners know Mongolia as something else: the

Mongolian Mining faces looming debt challenge Friday, April 18 @ 15:00:00 UTC
/pic/images/2014/04/18/gadaad.jpg Hong Kong-listed Mongolian Mining Corp, which operates two coal mines in Ukhaa Khudag and Baruun Naran, both located in the Southern

Gashuun Sukhait Railway Company is established Wednesday, April 09 @ 11:37:47 UTC
/pic/images/2014/04/09/tzam.jpg With a goal to increase the trade and coal export to China, People’s Republic of China and Mongolia jointly established a company Gashuun

Rio Tinto rumours boost value of Oyu Tolgoi Thursday, March 20 @ 11:39:21 UTC
/pic/images/2014/03/20/oyu.jpg Rumours that British-Australian mining giant Rio Tinto is considering a takeover of Mongolian miner Turquoise Hill are putting pressure on it to make a definitive statement.

Nomadic trails in the land of the blue sky Thursday, March 20 @ 10:47:59 UTC
/pic/images/2014/03/20/tal.jpg Mongolia’s top attraction is the stunning natural scenery. (Tatyana Leonov)

Chairman meets Mongolians in South Korea Wednesday, March 19 @ 13:16:48 UTC
/pic/images/2014/03/19/enhbold.jpg There are over 7000 illegal migrant workers in South Korea from Mongolia. The Chairman of the State Great Hural of Mongolia

WHO: Daily sugar intake ''should be halved'' Thursday, March 06 @ 10:09:54 UTC
/pic/images/2014/03/06/sugar.jpg Where is sugar found in the diet and what does it do to your body?

An oil pipe from Mongolia to China Wednesday, February 12 @ 11:26:28 UTC
/pic/images/2014/02/12/hooloi.jpg It has been nearly a decade since Mongolia has become an oil exporting country. Most of the oil exploration has been performed in Central

Draft Programme on Direct Democracy and Civic Participation Submitted Tuesday, January 14 @ 12:26:39 UTC
/pic/images/2014/01/14/prs.jpg On January 9, 2014, the President’s Office submitted a draft national programme on decentralizing the budget accumulation through direct

Government decides tighter control over cyber game centres and internet cafes Wednesday, December 25 @ 16:51:24 UTC
/pic/images/2013/12/25/pc.jpg On 13th of December, 2013, the cabinet decided to impose tighter regulation on gaming centres and internet cafes. Currently, over 500

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